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Mannin and Cyclica Enter JV to Rapidly Develop COVID-19 Drugs

  • Mannin-Cyclica JV to rapidly develop drugs to treat COVID-19 patients using the Tie2 receptor expertise of Mannin and Cyclica’s AI-augmented drug discovery platform
  • The projects will include small molecule treatments to treat infectious diseases including COVID-19 and influenza

Toronto, Canada and Leipzig, Germany, April 20th, 2020 – Mannin Research has entered a joint venture (JV) between Mannin GmbH, a German Mannin subsidiary, and Cyclica Inc. The Mannin – Cyclica JV will combine Mannin’s expertise and research capacity with Cyclica’s proprietary AI-augmented drug discovery platform.

The JV will focus on the development of novel compounds for the treatment of infectious diseases with an initial emphasis on COVID-19. This development will be built upon Mannin’s deep experience and research into targeting the Tie2 tyrosine kinase receptor, combined with Cyclica’s AI-augmented Ligand Design and Ligand Express drug discovery platforms. Together, Mannin and Cyclica believe new treatments can be rapidly developed for the treatment of patients with infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

Viral infections can damage the cells that make up the vessels called the endothelium. This damage leads to organ failure and allows a virus to move systemically while also increasing secondary bacterial infections. Independent research has demonstrated that reducing vascular leakage helps prevent organ failure and ameliorate acute infections. By activating the Angiopoietin-Tie2 signaling pathway it is possible to treat the vascular leakage associated with pulmonary edema, addressing the respiratory infection caused by viruses such as COVID-19.

“We are convinced that with the support of Cyclica’s outstanding and proven platform we will be able to significantly increase the quality and speed of the development of new treatments for infectious diseases such as COVID-19. We are excited by the opportunity to work with the team at Cyclica, and we hope our efforts will result in human clinical trials for COVID-19 by early 2021.” said George Nikopoulos-CEO of Mannin Research.

“Bringing together the experimental and computational expertise and capabilities of Mannin with Cyclica under this JV will usher in a new way of thinking about and managing existing challenges in infectious disease. It will also provide an integrated platform to rapidly respond to future outbreaks.” said Naheed Kurji – President & CEO of Cyclica.

About Mannin Research, Inc.
Mannin Research Inc., with its daughter company Mannin GmbH, is a biotechnology enterprise focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of therapeutics for vascular diseases using a novel mechanism of action. Mannin has a pipeline of novel therapeutics that can be developed from this research platform which would treat a spectrum of vascular diseases.

Media Contact Mannin:
George Nikopoulos
President and CEO

About Cyclica Inc.
Cyclica is a Toronto, Canada based biotechnology company that is decentralizing the discovery of new medicines with its integrated structure-based and AI-augmented drug discovery platform, Ligand Design and Ligand Express. Taken together Ligand Design and Ligand Express design advanced lead-like molecules that minimize unwanted off-target effects, while providing a holistic understanding of a molecule’s activity through integrated systems biology and structural pharmacogenomics. Cyclica’s differentiated platform opens new opportunities for drug discovery, including multi-targeted and multi-objective drug design, lead optimization, ADMET-property prediction, target deconvolution, and drug repurposing for a wide range of indications. With a world-class team with deep roots in industry and a first-in-class integrated drug discovery platform, Cyclica will spark a surge of innovation through a combination of venture creation and partnerships with early-stage and emerging biotech companies. By doing more with AI, Cyclica will revolutionize a system troubled with attrition and costly failures, accelerate the drug discovery process, and develop medicines with greater precision.

Media Contact Cyclica:
Naheed Kurji
President and CEO

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